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Helper To Relieve Low Back Pain--Lumbar Pillow

  Low back pain is not uncommon. In fact, nearly 65 million Americans reported a recent incident of back pain. Although 8% of adults say they experience chronic low back pain. Since 82% of the population are sided sleepers or sleepers in combination with side sleepers, we were not surprised. While sleeping on your side reduces the chance of snoring and can help improve blood circulation, it can twist your spine at hip level, especially if you have wider hips.

  Because no matter your sleeping position, your spine can bend into its natural alignment and cause problems. However, if you use a lumbar pillow, it will support your spine and promote its natural shape. That being said, not just any lumbar pillow will do. You need a high-quality lumbar pillow. For example, your lumbar pillow should: be ergonomically designed; contain gaps in the spine to create a natural S-shape; provide mid-back support; encourage proper lower back posture, and support the lower/mid spine.

  The higher the quality and the longer the duration, the more you can save. Investing in a cheaper pillow doesn't do you justice, as it provides barely any support, it's so soft, it deforms quickly.

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