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How to Choose a Travel Neck Support Pillow

  There are many different types of Travel Neck Support Pillow, so many in fact that it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your travel needs. When deciding which travel neck pillow to buy, your own comfort should be the main criterion for your decision.

  Horseshoes or U-shaped travel pillows are primarily designed to help support the neck and head when traveling in a vehicle. They are also frequently used for air travel. You can easily find inflated U-shaped pillows, which are usually less expensive than pillows with fabric covers.

  Therapy or Contour Pillows: These are usually rectangular pillows, usually filled with memory foam. The advantage of such pillows is that they are often contoured to support not only your neck and head but your upper back and shoulders as well. They can also be used for vertical sleep, so they're handy if you have a longer layover and want to rest between flights.

  Foam or fiber contoured pillows: If you buy the right ones, these may be more comfortable than air-filled pillows, depending on the filling. One of the most popular fillings for these pillows is memory foam, which provides great support while traveling. Pillows filled with memory foam are usually a lot more expensive than other travel pillows, but if you travel a lot or have long trips, it might be worth it. They're not as compact as regular foam pillows and take up more space than deflated air pillows, so you'll want to make sure you leave the room when you check in your luggage. Many are also covered with thermal fabrics to help keep you cool while resting.

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