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Introduction Of Memory Foam Gel Seat Cushion

  Memory foam pads infused and reinforced with gel are called Memory Foam Gel Seat Cushion.

  To make gel memory foam, add cooling gel or gel beads to the memory foam. This is a great option if you feel very hot while sitting, as the gel takes the heat away from you, making the material more breathable. Gel-enhanced seat cushions are firmer to the touch than memory foam. Gel-infused saddles can also conform to your body, but because they're firmer, you won't get the sunken comfort inherent in memory foam saddles.

  Another difference between them is that the gel microbeads give the memory foam its high density, which means it feels firmer when you touch it. If you think the density of memory foam is too low for your needs, a gel-infused cushion may be your best option.

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