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Introduction Of Neck Support Pillow

    The human neck has a wide range of motion and is prone to injury. The vertebrae in your neck are the thinnest vertebrae in your spine, but they support the weight of your head, a full 10-11 pounds. Imagine a 10-pound bowling ball at the top of your spine. If your neck isn't resting when you're in bed, a lot of things can go wrong. If you suffer from chronic neck pain or want to avoid neck pain, which pillow is best for your head? No doubt about Neck Support Pillow.

  Neck pillows are specially constructed to provide neck support and keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep. The neck pillow conforms to your anatomy. It's higher where your neck is and more compressed where your head is. Just like you have an ergonomic chair when using your computer at your desk, your pillow should also be ergonomic to support your neck. Neck pillows come in different shapes and materials.

  Horseshoe pillows support your neck well when you are in a car, plane or train. If you have a problem with neck pain, don't let your head hang to one side when you sleep on the plane and make sure your neck is supported.

  Finding the right pillow for your neck partly depends on how you sleep, try choosing a pillow that fits your head and neck so that your neck is fully supported. Memory foam pillows or water pillows are good choices. They keep their shape but adapt to your anatomy.

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