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Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow Custom

  • Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow
  • Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow
  • Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow
  • Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow
  • Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow
  • Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow
Memory foam baby pillow

Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow

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The structure of the stomach wall of the newborn is smootherand flatter than that of the adult. If it is laid flat or preventedfrom being angled too high, the baby is prone to vomitingand diarrhea.
Scientific slope design
Raise the baby's stomach and cardia, the milk is not easyto flow back, and relieve frequent vomiting and overflowing
Suggestions for use:
Lying on your side first and then on your back will help your baby burp.Lie on theright side for 15-30 minutes after suckling
lt is good for the baby to separate the excess air in the stomach, reduce thesymptoms of vomiting, and avaid the choking caused by vomitingl
Let the baby lie on his back normally in 15-30 minutes.
lf the baby is prone to choking milk, it is recommended to sleep on the leftand right side alternately to avoid choking milk.
lf the baby falls aslecp after suckling, it is not necessary to lie on the sidedirectly.
Slow rebound memory cotton inner core
Memory cotton is made of polyurethane material, which canautomatically rebound to the original stress state accordingto the body surface temperature and weight, support thebaby, release the pressure evenly, and slowly return to.theoriginal state 3-5 seconds after the five fingers are opened

Product name

Combination anti spitting pillow

Product size

40*34*6cm(Slope pillow) 

21*13*6cm (column) 


Product cover

cotton fabric

Product filling

memory foam(polyurethane)

This anti-fall memory foam baby combination pillow not only has the unique characteristics of memory foam, but also incorporates humanized design concepts to create a comfortable and safe sleeping space for your baby. Whether the baby turns over or lies on his side, the pillow can closely fit the curve of the baby's head and neck, effectively reducing the pressure during sleep and allowing the baby's head and neck to be fully supported and relaxed. The surface of this pillow is made of soft and comfortable fabric, which is delicate to the touch and skin-friendly, and will not cause irritation to the baby's delicate skin. The pillow is surrounded by a soft edge protection design, which can effectively prevent the baby from falling when rolling over during sleep. At the same time, the size of the pillow is moderate, which does not take up too much space and ensures the baby's comfort during sleep.
SAFETY PROTECTION: This pillow is designed to provide extra support and comfort to help babies maintain a safe sleeping position. It reduces accidental drops that may occur when babies roll over at night.
Ventilation and breathability: Good anti-fall memory foam baby pillows are usually designed with air holes or breathable materials to promote air circulation and prevent overheating and sweat accumulation, thus improving sleep quality.
Adjustability: Some products have adjustable features that can be adjusted according to the baby's age and physical development to ensure that the pillow always provides appropriate support.
Easy to clean: High-quality anti-fall memory foam baby pillows usually have easy-to-clean features, and the cleaning process can be simplified by removing the pillowcase or using waterproof materials to maintain hygiene.
Environmentally friendly materials: Some brands may use environmentally friendly and harmless materials to make pillows to ensure that babies are not affected by harmful substances during use.
Versatility: Some products are designed not only for sleeping, but also as baby neck pillows or body pillows, providing more usage scenarios and value.
Since 2006

Jiaxing Huajiuqi Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing HuaJiuqi Material Tech Co., Ltd. is China custom Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow Suppliers and OEM company specialized in research & development, design, production and selling of Anti-Fall Memory Foam Baby Combination Pillow. We established in 2006 and locate in Jiaxing Economic-technology develop zone where the scenery is charming and only takes 2 hours to Shanghai port and Ningbo port, The advantageous location not only convenient for transportation and customers’ visit, but also creates a favorite external environment for our development of new healthy homecare industry.
HuaJiuqi persists in the notion that quality is the most important competitive power. We keep pace with times at quality management and consistently improve products’ quality and achieved the authority certification and customers’ trust. We also have our own production test lab to constantly monitoring products’ function. Quality wins a good reputation. Our products have been sold to 20 countries and areas in America, Europe and Southeast Asia such as USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Russia, Australia, Span, Japan, Korea.
Under the efforts of all HuaJiuqi workers and the support of customers, suppliers and partners just in these few years. Our monthly production capacity is 10,000 mattresses, 100,000 pillows. As a new enterprise, we achieved a great-leap-forward development.
Quality is a guarantee for develop; innovation is a motive for consistent improvement. We not only focus on quality improvement, but also apply the spirit of innovation and enterprising, strengthen new products’ design and R&D. Due to these efforts, we acquired a number of national patents, and firstly created 2 models memory sponge material with high quality: gentle memory sponge and constant zero pressure memory sponge. We hope to contribute to industry development and offer the most comfortable and personalized products.
HuaJiuqi aimed at “create society fortune, improve life quality, build value realization platform, spread core value concept, promote social harmony”, and also obey the manage notion “treat people with sincerity, hardworking, innovation and common prosperity”. We treat “create healthy home care production” as our responsibility, and commit to carrying forward the ideal career which is “science and technology contributes to healthy sleeping, share the life with love.”
We sincerely look forward to working with you to achieve a win-win situation,Realize social responsibility.
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